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земельный участок, недвижимость готовый бизнес, оборудование
помещение, имущественный комплекс завод, ресторан, салон гостинница
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Cooperation conditions with Buyer

Dear Buyer,

On our website you have got a possibility to, free of charge, place information (application) on a business purchase. Confidential information containing in the application form filled in by you, information about the Buyer inclusive, shall be available to our Agency’s personnel only. As soon as the application is in the system, the Agency will immediately start looking for the object that most fully meets your requirements.

When required object is found, the Agency will conclude a services agreement with you. Thereupon all relevant information on the business you are interested in will be furnished to you and, if necessary, a meeting with a seller will be organized. In case of positive result the Agency’s personnel will consult you on the optimum scheme of purchase of business, and may also help to prepare an agreement and other required documents for the transaction’s processing.
Remuneration fee for our services shall be agreed with you and will be formed depending on the volume of services provided and the object’s value.
For more detailed information about our services, please refer to our webpage “Our Services”.

How to fill in the Application Form

Dear Buyer!
If you to buy for yourself an operating enterprise, you are required to fill in an Application for Purchase of Business.
The Application’s fields marked with (*) and your contact telephone numbers are mandatory. For each field of the Application it is also required to specify whether provided information qualifies as confidential or not: Yes or No? Confidential information will not be placed on the website pages and may be disclosed to a potential seller only with your permission.

Description Buyer's Information Confidentiality
What exactly business are you after*?:
Sphere of activity*:
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Regions in Ukraine*:
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Preferred business location*:
Buyer's company name, contact person; Tel., Fax, e-mail *:
Available funds intended for purchase of business*: from: up to:
Your basic requirements to the business*:
Source of information where you found out about our Agency: or
Repeat code:
Groups of companies on production and distribution of snack group production
Petroleum Depot

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